Simple Sales Tax

Jan. 2014

Simple Sales Tax integrates TaxCloud with WooCommerce to make it easier for merchants to comply with U.S. sales tax laws.

I created Simple Sales Tax (originally WooTax) in January 2014 and served as the sole developer and support agent from then until it was acquired by FedTax in February 2017. Though I have since retired from customer support, I still contribute to the project in my role as a FedTax contractor.

You can find a copy of the Simple Sales Tax source code in this repository.


  • Developed and maintained the Simple Sales Tax plugin over a period of 4+ years
  • Handled all customer inquiries from January 2014 to June 2017
  • Built a website and marketing campaign that drove several thousand downloads


  • PHP
  • JavaScript (Backbone.js)
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce


The admin settings screen.
Adding an exemption certificate at checkout.