Table Rate Shipping

Feb. 2017

Table Rate Shipping is a WC Vendors extension that enables store owners to set shipping rates based on the subtotal, weight, or number of items a customer has in their cart. I developed it in my role as lead developer at The Plugin Pros.


  • Developing and maintaining the WC Vendors Table Rate Shipping plugin
  • Assisting with technical support requests and troubleshooting


  • PHP
  • JavaScript (Backbone.js)
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce


Vendors can create as many shipping tables as they want, targeting each one to a specific country or group of countries.
For each shipping table, vendors can choose whether rates are calculated based on the cart subtotal, weight, or number of items purchased.
The admin can specify how the shipping charges are labeled in the customer’s cart, whether the charges should be taxed, and when shipping is calculated.